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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Well, business is started and its starting to pick up already!! I have been hustling every night and every day to get my stuff done for our clients! I feel SO blessed that this is taking off! I dont want to jinx it, but its SO exciting! So, please forgive me for not writing as much as I promised! To make it up to you all, would you like to see the invites I am working on for one of our parties???  Here is the front and the inside of the card:

This is for a Sweet 16 Party with an Alice In Wonderand Theme!!! I had SO MUCH FUN making this card!!! And the guest of honor LOVED it when we showed it to her!

Thanks for checking in on me! I'm a BUSY, BUSY, BEE today!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Its ALMOST Friday!!!

Hi Bloggie Friends!

Sorry I have not posted any pics the last few days...BUT...tomorrow is Friday and I have my 1st Summer Half Day Friday! YEA!!!! Tomorrow is my CRAFTIN AND STAMPIN day!!! I have been trying to keep my mind busy because my little dude is in Wildwood with my In-Laws for the week, so hubby has been taking me to play tennis each night...I must say...I STINK! lol! No, I'm not that bad he said. I just need to watch my control! lol!

OK, I noticed that I have a new YOU!!!

Gotta get ready for work now! And check back tomorrow night for some pictures of my projects!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

God, I just LOVE Tuesday Morning...My haul pics!!

Ok, let me first start out by saying...."WHY THE HECK HAVE I NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE????" and also "Thank you hubby for patiently waiting an hour for me while I stare off into the mounds AND mounds of paper and embellishment awesomeness!". Not even sure if AWESOMENESS is a word, but that is the only thing I can think of to describe that place!!! It was the best stuff I have found in a really long time!!!!

Just look at all the fantastic stuff I got!!!

Thanks so much for looking, and thanks for following! Please don't forget that I have a contest going on to help my partners and I get some business!!! Show us some love! Check out and also, become a follower of my blog!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The NEWEST addition to my craft room :) And future addition to be deliever next week!

Well, I finally got another addition to my craft room...A Singer Pixie Plus Sewing Machine! And best of all, its purple and white AND its tiny enough to store in my little bit of supply area that I have left!! Yea!!! I did originally get a White Sew E-Z Sewing Machine from Joanne's the other night, but that thing was a PIECE OF JUNK! I took it back tonight, and spent the few extra dollars on the Pixie Plus! I have already experimented with it, and I think I know enough about it to incorporate it into a project! I can't wait!!!! Here's some pictures of my new little bundle of joy! lol!

I also got a used Zutter Dreamkuts off of Ebay! I think I got a good price on it!! Cant wait for it to come!!! Now, I only need my Bind It All, Silhouette Cameo (gotta wait til fall for it!!), Cricut Mini, and Cricut Expression 2 and I will have my crafting electronics done!!

Ok all, time for nighty night with my bub! He leaves for the Jersey Shore tomorrow with my in-laws! Waaaaa! I'm gonna miss him SOOOO much! Expect TONS of projects next week! It takes my mind off missing him ;)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Playing with Kusudama Paper Flowers!

Ok, so let me just say HOW EASY this was....well, once you pay attention to the directions, lol! I had seen the Kusudama ball on a random blog one day, and I said " I NEED TO DO THAT"!!! So, I found out what it was called, and I found a tutorial about it! But, I will say, that quick I forgot about it! Then, the other night, I saw on My Pink Stamper, they showed a tutorial about it! I knew it was a sign to try it out! So, here they are...Keep in mind, the big one is made the wrong way, but I still like how it turned out!!! Pretty cool!!! Enjoy!

(This one below first is the one made the wrong


Whoooo Hooooooo! Starting the day off right ;)

Hey All!!

I just stopped in real quick to share some EXCITING NEWS before work today....So, I checked in on Facebook and Do It Yourself Crafts blog because I entered to Win a CE2. Well, I entered to win a subscription to Cricut Magazine the other day too, and of coarse didnt expect to win ANYTHING, and before you get all excited, I didnt win a CE2, but I did win a FREE 6 month subscription to Cricut Magazine!! I NEVER WIN ANYTHING (<----- screaming this in my house)!!! THAT MADE MY DAY!!! Especially after the week I had!!!! I was so excited, I called the hubby at work, BUT his phone isnt on, so I thought, who else would enjoy my excited with me...MY BLOGGIE FRIENDS!!! So, I just wanted to share with you guys, my friends :)

Ok all, I have a Stone Temple Pilots concert with the hubby tonight, so I will be posting sometime tomorrow!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just stopping in to say "Hi"!

I just wanted to stop in and say "Hi"! Thanks SO much for following my blog! I know I have a LONG way to go to get to 150 people, but please check out my post from Tuesday night! I am having a give away once I get to 150 people!! Scroll down to that post for details!!!!

Well, been a VERY long day today...Windshield is fixed, and entered into a DT for a blog I follow! Fingers are crossed to see if I make it!!! I will keep you all posted!!!



Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What an AWFUL day ;(

So, I wake up pretty excited today...turns out we got our first lead last night for our new business! Yea!!! I couldn't wait to get to work to talk to my sister in law about it! AND, not to mention I was VERY excited to have off tomorrow so I could watch my little guy at soccer camp! So, anyway, I'm leaving my house and I go to get into my car, and I see all this black stuff...kinda looked like a BUNCH of CD's blew up...I couldn't figure out what it was, but I opened my back car door and it was everywhere! So, I close the back door, and then I hear the sound of breaking glass! Turns out, someone decided to smash in my back windshield!

WHO DOES THAT??? Apparently, it made the news in PA and NJ because these awful people decided to go and vandalize 10 other cars in 3 other towns! So, I had to use my day off tomorrow for today, and poor booger didn't get to go to soccer camp today! AND, I waited home ALL DAY LONG for the Windshield repair people, only to show up at 3:30 during a torrential down poor. Well, I don't have a garage or a carport, so looks like I waited for NOTHING today....Well, maybe not nothing...I did get a card kicked out! Wanna see it....?

Everything I used was Stampin' Up except for the pearls...they are Recollections.

Blushing Bride, Perfect Plum,and Sahara Sand Card stock
Blushing Bride and Perfect Plum ink
White Satin Ribbon (inked with Perfect Plum and a sponge dauber to get that color!)
Sponge Dauber
Snail Adhesive
White ink pen

Cut three pieces of Sahara Sand at 3/4 in
Cut three pieces of Perfect Plum at 1 in
Card is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2. Blushing Bride
Cut another piece of Blushing Bride at 3 1/2 x 4 3/4
Cut another piece of Perfect Plum 3 3/4 x 5

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items I used to make this card, please visit

Here's hoping tomorrow will be a better day!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Been too long...BUT...exciting news!!! AND A PRIZE GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

I know, I know, I am AWFUL with trying to keep up with a blog, really, I am! BUT, I have some VERY exciting news!!! I am OFFICIALLY a small business partner! God willing, I will be my own boss in about 5 years! lol!

So, about this business...Its called JCC Event Planning LLC, and my sister in law, my girlfriend, and I started it. We officially have a website, flyer's, business cards, and we will be at our first bridal show in September! Can you believe it??? I am SO excited!! We will be doing event planning, specializing in handmade decoration, invites, favors, etc! Please, if you can, help me get the word out there!!!

As a matter of fact, I will be giving away AN AWESOME PRIZE to one lucky follower!!! I will be giving away a brand new Stampin' Up Stamp Set (and it will be a GOOD one from the not yet released Holiday Mini!!!) once my blog hits 150 followers! Now, I have a LONG way to go...BUT I know with all our your help its possible to get to 150 and to get our name out there! Here's how you can win:

1. BECOME A FOLLOWER of my blog!
2. POST A COMMENT BELOW!! Show me some love!
3. BECOME A FRIEND of "JCC Event Planning" on Facebook and comment "Jessica sent me"
4. GO to and then go to ABOUT me! I'm Jessica! Send me some more love!
5. REFER A FRIEND to my blog! Make sure they say who sent them to my blog below so I can thank you!

I am really looking forward to this taking off for us!!! This is something that we have been thinking about for some time!! I will keep you guys in the loop of all of our exciting news, and where you can catch us in the NJ, DE, and PA areas!!!

Wish us luck everyone!!!! And I promise to start doing more and more updates a week! I am hopeful for daily!