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What are some reasons I would want to become a consultant?

If you are a hobbyist who is looking for a discount, if you are a crafty "go getter" and you are looking for some extra income, if you are a real people person who loves to develop relationships while have fun doing it, you are READY to become a consultant!

Is there a charge if I want to become a consultant? If so, do I get anything for it??

To become a consultant, there is a charge and its for an AMAZING choice of kits. Your charge would be $99 for the kit. You will have to add tax and shipping as well! You have a choice of a Scrapbookers Kit or a Card Makers kit! 

Are there any minimums that I would have to meet being a consultant? If so, what are they? 

Yes, there are minimums that you have to meet, but I assure you, they are VERY attainable! Even if you are joining as a hobbyist  think how much money we spend on our crafty habit, but at least we would get a discount on our purchases, and its a nice discount...22% to be exact! CTMH DOES give new reps a little bit more time to get their minimums  and quarters will be as follows: Jan-Mar, Apr-June, July-Sep, Oct-Dec.  So, you do have a $300 QUARTERLY minimum that you must attain, so pretty much $100 a month AND as a new consultant you have the ability for a STRAIGHT TO THE TOP GOAL (I will describe more below)! You will want to strive for $300 a month and $1200 a quarter to get SPC credit though which is a TON of FREE stuff! 

Do CTMH consultants receive discounts? 

Sure do! 22% discount ON EVERY PURCHASE! Better than all the shopping locations around! 

Do I REALLY have to sell? I don't want to, but I would like a discount.

There is NO Obligation to go out and sell. If you want to keep you quarterly minimums for your own hobby,  you must CERTAINLY can!! 


Straight to the Top is the goals for New Consultants that come on. They have the ability to earn a TON of free items with these goals! CTMH wants you to succeed and they give you 1 goals 1)  If you reach $1200 in your first quarter, you will receive $99 for the cost of your kit back! AWESOME RIGHT??? 

OK, what is SPC? That sounds interesting! 

SPC stands for SELECT PRODUCT CREDIT. That is what you get when you reach your STTT goals and when you exceed $150 in sales. Depending on your monthly SPC, you can use it for Stamps, Ink, or Card Stock! FREE STUFF = GOOD!!!! 

Can I ever make more than 22%?

You ABSOLUTELY can and its called an OVERRIDE COMMISSION. What that means is, as your sales get higher, so does what you make. This happens once you make more than $1000 in sales a month. You could actually even earn up to 35%!!! Override commissions are calculated and paid monthly on the 15th of the month. They will either go to you in a check or direct deposit once your override commissions exceed $10 

Will I receive training? 

You SURE will!!! You will have access to the Online Training Academy where you will have access to understanding 5 different areas: Business, Creative, Leadership, Personal Development, Professional Development. You can even earn a Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, and PhD from Close To My Heart! You will even have access to the GREATEST Facebook page out there where you can talk with other consultants and get great ideas from each other!! 

Can I earn EXTRA bonuses? 

ABSOLUTELY!!! Close To  My Heart does Sales Trips that you can work towards getting! 

Will I get a Close To My Heart website? 

YUP! And best of all...It's FREE! AND you don't have to do ANY upkeep to it! CTMH does it ALL for you! You can even set your customers up to receive FREE monthly newsletters! 

This ALL sounds great, but I have another question..Do I have to keep an inventory on hand???

NOPE! Close To My Heart does NOT encourage keeping inventory on hand. 


Simply click this link HERE! My full name is Jessica Wilson and My consultant ID is 209271847


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