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Friday, March 29, 2013


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Hey All!!
I am giving you two videos to watch today! I forgot to upload my video haul yesterday, so you get 2 great hauls today! Here is the first!

Here is the 2nd video showing off my FIRST PROJECT LIFE KIT!!! AHHHHHHH!!!

Ok all! Hope to catch you Craftin' and Stampin'!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Journal Pages Completed

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Hey All!!
Today is my last day of work for 11 whole days! I cannot for it to start!!! My little guy starts Spring Break at 12:10 today when they "Dance Their Way Into Spring". What this is is a song that they dance out of school to. Last year it was the Cupid Shuffle and the year before that it was Cotton Eye Joe. This year, its the original Electric Slide.
Yesterday, he had his poetry day at school. He had to recite his poem "Suzanna Socked me Sunday". It was TOOOOO cute! And he was so happy that hubby and I were able to go! I HUSTLED at work to be able to get out early to be able to see him!!! He did such a great job that we decided to take him to Friendlies to show how proud we were!
Then, last night when I got home, hubby and bubba took a nap, so it was crafty time for mommy! I decided I am SO TIRED of waiting for the Smash Book that I planned on using for challenges! I also decided that I would use the sprial journal pad that I bought at Michael's a few weeks ago! And guess what? I am glad I did! I enjoy the pages so far!!
Here's 2 pages I did so far in it. Both were challenges that I did from Facebook:
This one was a challenge to use 3 out of 5 types of embellishments (I used Sprays, Buttons, and Ribbon), the quote mentioned above, and the a piece of scrapbook paper or jounal paper.

This challenge was to use your OLDEST piece of patterned paper and letter cutouts. It says "How I became a paper whore!"....yes, I know, but its funny! And its the TRUTH!!
I have  a video that I am in the middle of uploading to You Tube, so that will most likely be visible tonight once I get home.
OK all, hope to catch you Craftin' and Stampin'! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Designer Day at Exploring Cricut!

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Hey All!!
Happy Wednesday!
Gosh, I feel like I have not been with it for the last week! I have been feeling SOOO crappy! But, today, FINALLY, I am starting to get back into the grove and feel like myself again!
Today is my designer day over at Exploring Cricut! I knew what my project was going to be because I have a project that must be worked on for the next few days! Remember when I showed you the invite for my mother in law surprise 50th? Well, decorations were what needed to be worked on and I had just the cartridge for it...Groovy Times!!!
My sister in law and I want to work on a few different things, but what I was able to get done since I had all energy removed from me due to sicknesses was this:
2 Wall Decorations  (there are 2 of each)

Isn't that smiley face awesome! It SCREAMS 70's to me for some reason!

This totally says Hippie and Love to me! Another 70's icon!!
I will check in with you guys with another post once I got more done, but for now, thats it!!!
Make sure you link up your Easter Themed project at Exploring Cricut for a chance to win a box of goodies!!
OK All, hope to catch you Craftin' and Stampin'! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Easter at Exploring Cricut!

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Hey All!
So sorry I have been down and out for the last few days! Strep came over my household and me and my poor kiddo have been SUFFERING! Bless my hubby who has been taking care of us for the past few days! When I say I could barley sit, I'm not kidding. My stomach ACHED because of how bad I was coughing! I couldn't even sit at my computer! And my poor booger has the WORST sounding cough when he gets sick..sounds like a croup sounding cough...and sounds painful :( Thankfully, as of right now, we are both starting to feel better!!
So, today's project is for Exploring Cricut! Our theme this week is Easter! You can create any card, scrap book layout, or paper craft that has to do with Easter.
My card, sadly, was not my best work. I was very disappointed in it, but I just couldn't sit any longer at my work table, and I was getting upset with myself for not being able to think straight because of the pain and steady coughing!
One day this week, I think I will jazz this card up and repost it, but for now, here is my card:
Simply Charmed Cricut Cartridge
MME Paper
Cricut Expression
Jaded Blossom Bunny Poop Stamp
Please be sure to stop and see the rest of the design teams projects! They all have worked hard on them!!! Show them some love :)
Then, be sure to link up YOUR Easter Card for a chance to win a box of goodies from Diane!!!
OK all, hope to catch you Craftin' and Stampin'!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Michael's Mini Haul-SN@P and New SMASH!!

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Hey all!!

So sorry, but I am STILL not feeling up to par...UGG... I totally hate when I am sick...Its the worst! I AM glad that my booger is feeling better! His cough is still horrible, but I can tell its not AS harsh as what it was!

Anyway, before work today, I decided that I should just stop to "stalk" out my Michael's to see what they happened to have out. Well, let me tell you that I am SO glad that I decided to go today (even thought I felt like a bus hit me :(   ) because my friend that stocks up the paper section KNOWS I go on Thursday's and she hooked a girl up!! Lookie what I found today:

Simple Stories Pink SN@P Binder with inserts!

Simple Stories SN@P  3X4, 4X6, & 6X6 paper pads!

New SMASH stuff!!!
I am really so glad that I went today also BECAUSE she said that the SN@P stuff wasn't supposed to go out for another week! OOOO I was SO glad to hear that I got there today and she hooked me up!! I can't wait to use this stuff!!
Also, when I got home, I had a little present waiting in the mail for me:
My FIRST Unity Stamp of The Week Sets!!!
So, since I got home late tonight and I am still sick, I'm sorry to say I have not projects to show, BUT I have a haul video to make up for it!!! All the goodies I showed above with be in the video!!
One last thing before I leave you with the video...All of you lovely crafters that submitted to the most recent Paper Craft Magazine Call...they will be picking for that issue TOMORROW!!! Make sure to watch out on their Face book page! Its always pins and needles to hear if you are picked, but its fun to be around such good company!!! is my video!

OK all...Hope to catch you Craftin' and Stampin'!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A mail haul & video of my SMASH book in progress!

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Hey All!

So sorry this wont be a long post today...BUT...I...AM...SICK..and so is my little guy :(

Its actually Wednesday night, so I am getting ready for bed, but I wanted you guys to be greeted bright and early by an AWESOME haul video by me! You should know that this was a TOTAL mail haul (with the exception of the 3 things from Joanne's!). I cannot believe everything came in the same day! WHOOP WHOOP!

Also, before I leave  you with my video, Paper Crafts Magazine has a new call for submissions! I think this call is PERFECT for all of us! EVERYONE has something in their home that makes them qualified to try out for this call! Check out the details HERE.

Here is a quick picture of my new SMASH pages that I did...Not too much...and I just finished up a page from last night as well!

I added ANTHONY and the rum and coke picture and arrows to this page.
Whole new page..sorry its crooked...I cant get it to go right side up!! WAAAHHH!!
Also, I wanted you to see how the pictures look when you use Pic Stitch and your Selphy:
They printed at 1.75 X 2.75 (roughly). I did ruin 3 pieces and some pics cause I saved the pictures to the 4x6 horizontal setting instead of 4 x 6 VERTICAL setting. I learned, and now I cant wait to get smashing on these pics!!!


One last thing before you see my haul video...Did you know that Our Kreative Karma blog has an AWESOME monthly challenge going on right now? Any SPRING or PASTEL project can be submitted for a chance to win by the end of the month! Come on over and check it out!!

Ok... NOW on to my video!!

OK all! Hope you enjoyed! Hope to catch you Craftin' and Stampin'!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More Completed Pages in My Jamaica SMASH Book!

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Hey All!!

Its one day closer to my Michael's having the SN@P items and I can just about STAND it!!! I want them all NOW!! I need to learn some patience!!

So, for today's post, I figured I would show off some more of my SMASH book that I got done today! My kiddo still isn't feeling up to par, so while he relaxed and watched tv, I SMASHED.

Here are a few of the pages I completed! I am including 1 page that I cannot remember if I showed off or not. It wasn't done today, but it may not have been seen yet!

Probably one of my faves that I got done..The saying at the bottom says CRAZY ADVENTURE

This was our Top 10 moments from the trip. I found all types of icons that matched what are moments were and fussy cut them to go on the pages!

This idea I got from Corene's Creations. I tweaked it a bit...
...To include an interactive first page. It tells you a little back history of the picture!

Then when you open it up, it opens to a waterfall effect. I got 7 cards to fit on that! And if you lift the last picture up, there is my journaling card!

These were the last two pics I had to add cause they were printed Vertical instead of Horizontal! Because of that, they got their own page!  

So, that's all I got done for today! Make sure you stop back later this week to see more that I got done!

OK all! Hope to catch you Craftin' and Stampin'!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Haul and TONS of knowledge I found out about Michael's!

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Hey All!!!

HOLY COW! This post is going to be CHOCK full of info!!! I am in OVERLOAD right now!!!

So, I wanted to go to Michael's to capitalize on the Heidi Swapp sale and get the rest of the color shines that I needed. Well, needless to say, my Michael's had 3 colors, all of which I already had. So, my friend that works there called another Michael's for me and they at first said "we don't carry her stuff"...REALLY??? HEEEELLLLLOOOO its on SALE this week..YES YOU DO CARRY IT! So, I left that one and started to call another Michael's. Well, while I was on hold at the other one, my friend texted me and told me they had the 5 that I was looking for at the one she called! JJJJAAAAAACCCCKKKKPPPPOOOOOTTTT!!!

So, I headed off to that Michael's.

When I got there, the Scrap book department was kinda in disarray..but, I managed to find the Heidi Swapp display. I thought, WOW, they really need to fill their end caps cause this is what I saw:

So, being the noisy wonder that I am, I meandered over closer...Now THIS is what I saw upon closer inspection:


Yup, if you can't see, those tags say SN@P!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!
THHHHEEEEENNN, I thought, hmmm, how about I go check out the SMASH section...Well, I had the same "empty" thought....

BUTTTT...its NEEEWWW SMASH Stuff! From what I remember, there were SMASH Scissors, SMASH cutter, and the Fortune Cookie thing going in there! OH, and the inker!!!

This is ALL going out TOMORROW at that Michael's!

So, that is all my info for now! But, before I go, here is a nice little haul video:

OK all, hope to catch you Craftin' and Stampin'!

Monday, March 18, 2013

My NEWEST Craft Room Addition!!

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Hey All!!

Well, it's Monday! And I spent my WHOLE weekend making cards for the Paper Crafts Magazine call, so there is nothing to show off!! Oh, well, except this little video about my NEWEST Craft Room addition!!

What is it you ask??


And here's a little video about it!! I did have a video to show me opening it and putting it together, but it was BO-RING because I was getting mad at the machine! After all, who wants to read the instructions?? I wanted to PLAY right away! LOL!

Hope you enjoy!! Now doesn't it make you wanna just run out and grab one??? Doesn't it?

Tomorrow I should have some projects ready to post! FINGERS are crossed!!

Hope to catch you all Craftin' and Stampin'!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Design Day at Our Kreative Karma!

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Hey All!! Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

Today is my design day over at Our Kreative Karma! And I was VERY excited to do the post for today! I never need a good reason to go into my craft room to kick out any crafts, but its SO EASY when your making things you totally want to!

It also helps when you have some new things to look at, lol! I'M KIDDING! I was only saying that because tonight I picked up my Canon Selphy CP900! It was SOOOO easy to up! I did do a You Tube video on it, which I will highlight on Monday's post!

But, for now, here is my post for Our Kreative Karma:

Leprechaun Hat from Silhouette Online Store

I added a gold gem,  but from far away it looks like a piece of gold! That's why I put it on there!! I also added some twine just for some good measure!

My finished hat!
Silhouette Cameo
Martha Stewart green twine
Recollections Card Stock
Scotch Quick Dry
Orange Gem from Michael's $$ Bin

Don't forget that Our Kreative Karma has a monthly challenge going on right now! The theme is:

St. Patty's Day
Pastel/Spring colors!

Pick any of these themes, or better yet submit as MUCH as you would like!! We do have a little giveaway for the winner as well! Click HERE to submit your project!!!

Here is what I am linking my project to:

Paper Playtime: Anything Goes
Dl Art: Linky Party
Creative Inspirations: Go Green
Craftin Desert Divas: Link Party
Pin and Tack: Spark your Creativity Now
Pink Cricut-Sarah Hamer-Link Up Tuesday

OK All!! Hope to catch you Craftin' and Stampin'!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Michael's Haul & Tour of My Craft Space!

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Hey All!!

I wanted to share a quick video with you guys! This is a Michael's haul video since TODAY is the last day to grab that 12 X 12 paper pads at 40% off! Wait til you see all the goodies I got!!

Also, I wanted to show you all my crafty space since I cleaned it ALL up last weekend!!


Hope to catch you all Craftin' and Stampin'!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Jamaica Smash Book-Sneaky Peek Part 2

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Hey All!!

Today is day two of my Sneaky Peeks of my Jamaica Smash Book! Its not done yet...I still have A LOT to do on it, but I wanted to show off some things I HAVE done with it!

Here are 3 more pages:

This 2 page layout is of our room, and our AMAZING view!

This 2 page layout is our AMAZING view continued!

This page shows more of our view, and the little newsletters they would leave in your room each day!
I know I said I would have a haul video for you, but at this moment, I have not even pulled the camera out to video tape it! Remember how I cleaned up my craft room the other day? Well, I put the camera in a nice neat place, and that place is not in my reach right now! LOL!
OK all, hope to catch you Craftin' and Stampin'! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jamaica Smash Book-Sneak Peek 1!

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Hey All!!

So, as you know, I have been so excited to SMASH lately! I have been grabbing some SMASH books for different things to SMASH and I am going to give you all a little sneaky peek of my Jamaica Smash Book!!

If you all are not aware, I got to go to Jamaica for 4 days thanks to my employer! Only the "Best of the Best" were picked to go, and I was lucky enough to be one of the best of the best! I not only got to go for FREE for 4 days, but I got to take my hubby as well!! How awesome is that??

Well, my Jamaica trip was something I REALLY wanted to document! So, out came my first SMASH book! I am SOOOO enjoying myself! I find myself thinking ALL the time of how the next page is going to look, seem, what colors to use, my journaling, etc!

Today, I wanted to share a few pages with you! Here they are:

This first page has the letter that said that I made the trip and that my hubby was coming!

This page shows what I had to do in order to get enough points to make the trip! On the left hand side page, I put the rankings and I showed where I ranked 6th out of my company!

This page is all our flight information and our tickets from the airport! It also has a story of how I spilled my freshly purchased coffee all over my co-workers wife! I was SOOO embarrassed!!!

This page shows the Welcome Kit from Secrets! It also has a letter from our Director of Sales at my company thanking us for our hard work and letting us know they have a bottle of Champagne for us to have in our room!
This is only a sneak peak! Check back in tomorrow to see a few more pages that I have completed!! I will also have a haul video with the stuff I got from K&Company!! Whoo Hoo! More SMASH-ING goodness to be shown!!!
OK all, hope to catch you Craftin' and Stampin'! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Day at Exploring Cricut!

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Hey All!!

Happy Hump Day!! Thank GOODNESS its Wednesday already! I am SOOO ready for my weekend to get here its not even funny! Got WAAAAYYYY too much to do, and certainly not enough time to do it!!

Today is my turn to post over at Exploring Cricut! I was thinking big time about what I wanted to make, and I tried and tried on Monday night to come up with something, but alas, nothing! I thought about it all afternoon at work as well! And then as I was making my drive home, BAM! It hit me! I knew what I wanted to make!!

I remember a card from the Stampin Connection. Thats a site that Stampin' Up reps can get into to post their cards they have made, and so you can get inspiration! Well, about 3 years ago, I went on and FELL IN LOVE with a card sketch that I believe (but please dont quote me on it) Mary Fish created! Well, I remembered that sketch, and may have even used it before, but its one of my FAVS!!

Now, I had the card recipe in mind..but what to make it...? EUREKA! I got an email from the AWL asking about help for the Easter Egg hunt coming up, so I based my card on the thought of Easter and an Egg Hunt!!

Here it is:

I had SOOO much fun making this card! Other than the fact that my Cricut decided that not only the Expression needed to have a software update, but then my Gypsy needed to have one! AHHH!!

1 Hour later, I was ready! Here is the supplies I used:

Cricut Expression
Cricut Imagine Just A Note
Cricut Craft Room Basics
Cricut Font and Basic Shapes
Paper from Recollections
Heidi Swapp Amethist & Teal Color Shine
Melon Mambo, Tempting Turquise, Basic Grey & Rich Razzleberry Stampin' Up Ink Pads
Pop Dots
Stampin' Up Ticket Punch
Stampin' Up Postage Stamp Punch
Stampin' Up Small Oval Punch
So, thats my post today!!
I am SERIOUSLY considering making a BIGGER one for my living room for Easter! Just minus the Bunny!
Please make sure you enter to win my 500 Follower Giveaway! The link is on the top of this post! Also, please don't forget to enter your card over at Exploring Cricut for a chance to win!
OK all! Hope to catch you Craftin' and Stampin

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Craft Challenged Husband/Boyfriend Tag!

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Hey All!!

Here is a little treat for you!!

I decided that I wanted to ask hubby to take the Craft Challenged Husband/Boyfriend Tag and he said YES! I was so excited I couldn't get the camera on quick enough!!!

I hope you enjoy the video! And look, you can ACTUALLY see me on camera! WHAT??? LOL!

OK all, hope to catch you Craftin' and Stampin'!