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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whew! What a vacation...and what a way to end it :(

So, I first want to say "HI" to everyone!!! I have been on vacation for just about 2 weeks! Jersey Shore was good to us, then we celebrated my birthday, and unfortunately ended our vacation in the ER with my poor little guy. He took a tumble off of my in-laws back steps and fell about 3 1/2 feet down. THANKFULLY he did not have any broken bones (they were worried about a cracked skull; thought I was gonna pass out when the doctor said that!) and all he needed was 2 staples in the back of his head. I am NOT happy that he had to have the staples, but considering what doctors were fearing, I am glad its just that!

As for my birthday, I have to share it with Michael Jackson...what does that mean you say? Well, Michael Jackson passed on my 30th birthday. I was so upset that I got calls about Michael Jackson passing away instead of Happy 30th, that now its the running joke in my family that its not really my birthday, its the 2nd anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. lol...hope this doesn't offend anyone, just telling you what my family does to make light of the situation!

So the one thing I did do while on my last day of vacation (before the ER) was go to MULTIPLE stores to try to get some really good organizational items for my craft area. I feel like because its so small I cant keep it neat. Well, I am here to tell you that its TOTALLY FALSE! If you have a small space, you can totally keep everything neat and organized! I went to "The Container Store" and spent $85 and got TONS of stuff to organize my little "stations". I got a rolling card for my Cricut Station. It has 3 drawers and holds all my cartridges and items for my cricut. I will also hold my Birthday Present to myself on there come Friday......A CRICUT IMAGINE!! Wooo Hoooo!!! I will take picks and post as soon as I get it!!! I also got a few paper totes to store all of my paper. I even got a separate container to hold strickley my Stampin Up paper (which I CHERISH... Lol). I was also looking for an idea to hold my punches. I don't really have a good wall to hold a wall stand for them, so I improvised...I got 2 hanging jewelry holders that had about 20 pouches on it and I stuck my punches in there! It hangs like a hanger, and I got 2 of them to hold all my punches. I also got these really adorable little baskets to hold all of my stamp sets. I am not too sure of my feelings on them because I cant really see what ones I have, but it works for now! I am sure I will change my mind a hundred more times on that! The last little item I got was a little chest of drawers that were just big enough to hold all my Stampin Up markers! The reason I love this little chest is because I get 5 drawers which is just enough to hold my pens in the sets they come in (Brights, Subtles, In Colors, etc)! Just the little things make me happy, lol!

Ok, thats gonna have to be enough for now! Its my first day back to work, and I want to try to squeeze out a card before I go ;)



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