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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Long and BUSY day today :)

Hellooooooo! What a LONG DAY today was! Its the end of summer! School starts for the kids in our town tomorrow! I'm not going to lie, Im going to be kinda bummed that my little dude wont be off with us on Monday's anymore until next summer :( AND not to mention that he goes into 1st grade tomorrow! WAAAAHHHH! Ummmm, can someone tell me who knocked me out for 6 years, cause last I remember, I was just finding out I was preggers, and now my little guy is 6 and a 1st grader! Oh, mommy can use a good cry tonight!

So, we had a meeting with another client today! Yahoo! FINGERS crossed she books us! She will let us know by tomorrow! After our meeting we spent a good hour and a half in Michaels looking at EVERYTHING! We have a BIG craft show in October, so we are trying to get some of our personalized items made so we can show off our talents! After that, it was back to my craft room so we could get our tablecloth done for our bridal show!

Its only an overlay for the actual white tablecloth, but here is a picture:

To be honest, it looks ALOT better in person...I must not of had this picture straight when I took the picture. I think its ADORABLE, but I would LOVE some honest opinions!! And just for your opinions, I can clue you all into a little secret that you may or may not know...are you ready????? Well.....

The J, C, and C from the above picture were ALL cut on my Cricut!!! Did you know you could cut fabric with our Cricut??? I knew I could, be being honest, I dont think I trusted it! I found an AWESOME way to cut without your fabric moving on your mat! You only need blue painters tape! After you iron on your webbing, you need to adhere it to your mat. I did the best I could to make it stick, then I used blue painters tape along ALL the edges! It worked PERFECTLY!!!

After that, I had to make a gift for my son's teacher for tomorrow. Well, I saw a You Tube video where Sarah at  "Pink Cricut" is making a crayon wreath for her child for school! I thought it would be a GREAT gift to give to his teacher, so I went to town! Here is a quick picture!
The ONLY thing I wish I would have done with this is covered the ring like she did. I was hoping it would have been covered with all the crayons, and even the cut outs, however, that was a no go. But, I think regardless of it not being painted that it turned out pretty good! Info for wreath is as follows:

Locker Room Cricut cartridge
54 Crayons
Circle ( i cut mine on my cricut at 7 inches, and did a 5 inch one on the inside of the circle from the Gypsy to make it not be so thick!)
Hot Glue Gun

Well, its past midnight here and I need to get my little guy up for school in 6 hours! I need to make my famous Mickey Pancakes since school is back on :)

Nighty Night everyone!


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