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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some FANTIASTIC news and a haul I've been waiting for!

Hello All!!!

So I have some AWESOME news!!! Babci's surgery went AWESOME yesterday! She is doing great! They checked her lymph nodes and the initial results from Pathology is that the node is negative for any spread of cancer. Of coarse this will have to go to a different lab and have other tests done, but as of right now, she is cancer free!!! She was up and moving around last night at the hospital, and as of this morning, her only complaint was that my Dzidzi (Grandfather-Polish) snored to loud last night so she didn't get much sleep! What an awesome woman she is! She is a true fighter! I am SO proud of her!!!!

When I got home last night, I had to packages waiting for me that I have been waiting what seems like FOREVER for!!! I made a video to show you some cool new things that I cant wait to play with!!

Thankfully my You Tube wanted to work right today! Yea!!!

So, I also made another video and I am REALLY trying to figure out how to edit it! I was in the middle of editing and I only had 3 more minutes to cut out so it would work on You Tube and my computer shut down on me! It was 2 hours TOTALLY WASTED!!! Oh well, cant get upset about it! I have other things to utilize my energy on! LOL!

I will have some exciting news to give you all this weekend! Wait for the big announcement!!!

Til then, hope to find you all Craftin' and Stampin'!


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