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Online Hostess Clubs

Want AWESOME Close To My Heart Products, but can't buy them all at once? 

Well, no need to! Join my Online Hostess Club!!

My clubs are set up to help you start a new collection or to build up your existing collection of Close To My Heart Stamping and Scrapbooking products; and all without messing around with your current monthly bills or putting a dent into your wallet! 

How you ask?? Well, read along below!! 

Imagine that you and 5 of your friends got together to make a monthly club. You would all purchase a minimum of $25 a month (before tax and shipping) on products from the Close To My Heart catalogs.  One month out of the six, you will be the HOSTESS and get $25 in any free products from the catalog! Do I have your attention so far?

Ok...You got my attention...Keep going with how this works! 

You MUST Turn your order in to me by the 15th of each month****.  Actual shipping and tax from where you live will be charged.  Once your order is placed, it will go through my site and ship DIRECTLY from CTMH warehouse. 

When will I get my AWESOME Hostess Rewards??

Your hostess rewards will be included with your final order of the club.  

Could it be possible that I get MORE than the $25 Hostess Rewards??

During your hostess month, if you bring in any other order from friends or family that boosts your sales to the next level, you will receive ADDITIONAL rewards!  And, you may earn extra goodies at the end of the club if your own amount of orders arrive at the next level!  

What are all the levels that you can earn?

Click HERE to view all the Hostess Level's! 

Check out what else you will receive!

 ~Receive a brand new Idea Book when you join the club. That means Fall/Winter, Spring/Summer, and the Holiday Catalog. If you continue on with the club past your first term, you will continue to receive free catalogs. 
~Fill a club with all your girlfriends and YOU will receive 10% off your order each month!!  
~Some months you may get a free gift or a special offer.
~Club members must be active and participate in the full club to receive any of these rewards.  You may take up to two months off in club and pick back up where you left off!  Unforseen circumstances can happen, so you have 2 months you can choose to be "off" if you would like! 

If you are interested in a SMALLER or LARGER group, I can do the following: 

10 months at $15 a month -10 members
5 months at $30 a month-5 members

Please email me at with your name and telephone number when you are ready to get started so I can get you all set up!!! 

**** Credit Card info will be retained on file. If an order is NOT placed by the 15th of the month, I will pick out $25 plus tax and shipping (or you cost per month) worth of goodies to ship to you to fulfill the current months obligation in the club!****


Tiffany Bond said...

Hi Jessica. Will you be doing a kit using the Heartstrings paper pack?

Jessica Wilson said...

Tiffany, funny you ask! I responded in an email
Back to you! I have 2 of the 3 layouts completed!! I'll have them done by tomorrow :) let me know if you got the email I sent you!

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