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Saturday, May 11, 2013

I went to Michael's for a Lego City Person book, I SWEAR!!!

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Hey All!!
So after the week I had, I needed a break. My great grandmother passed away on Wednesday night. She was 88 and she was suffering. She had a stroke years ago that she was never able to bounce back from. She was getting infection after infection after infection that her body could no longer fight off, and she was just TIRED...that's it, TIRED. She was upset that her body would not work when her mind did, and she was tired of relying on other people to help her. She needed to be on hospice for the last 3 weeks, and like I said, she was tired; she slept for the last 2 weeks, and she passed in her sleep.
She was a wonderful woman. I may not of been AS CLOSE with her as I grew up due to jobs, family, etc., but she knew I was always there for her. She adored my son, and he know how to understand where she went. He was making my Babci (Polish for Grandmother) laugh on Wednesday night, and she said that was what she needed to help her with loosing her mother. He was such a big help! He made everyone forget their sorrows at this time, and enjoy celebrating her life.
So, last night, I told him since he was such a great big helper, I would talk him to pick out a SMALL present. He said, "OK". I said "what will it be"? He said "You know how you ALWAYS make me wait around with you in the craft store when you go? (I laughed)Well, last time I saw a Lego book I wanted there". That concept is crazy to me...go to Michael's for a LEGO BOOK? Not a Smash Book or Sn@p Book? WHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTT????
Well, as you know, I have put a HALT to my shopping UNTIL I USE MY ITEMS IN MY CRAFT ROOM! I have SLOWLY been making a dent into my items. I have not been able to use a lot of time in my craft room lately because of time constraints. BUT, on Mothers Day that will change, lol.
So off to Michael's we go...for a Lego Book. And you ALL know I was not gonna just get the Lego book and bounce...NOPE! I NEEDED to see what was going on in there! You know, like a moth to a flame type stuff???
Well, I get in there, and it changed!!!! They redid the Stamp and Ink aisle, the button aisle, the Smash aisle, everything!!! I even found some new goodies hiding in there...check these out!!
New Heidi Swapp stuff! They are stencils for Color Shine's! SUPER CUTE!! They were $3.99 for small & $5.99 for the big ones!

Look at all the new TIM HOLTZ Stuff!!! VERY COOL! New colors of Distress Ink are coming out too!!!

The new Recollections Date stamps and new Hero Arts, Momenta, and Recollections Stamps!

The We R Memory Keeper pages for the scrapbook were $1.79! I couldn't get a picture cause too many people were around it!
I was pretty impressed over all!
So that was it...All I got was the Lego City Book...At least I got to use a 40% off coupon on it so it made me FEEL like I was crafty shopping!!!
OK all, just wanted to fill you in!
Hope to catch you Craftin' and Stampin'!


Georgiana said...

Guess where I am going today? I get to go craft shopping for Mother's Day. So glad you posted this information...not sure my hubby will be though. :)

Happy Mother's Day,
• Carson's Creations •

AJ Scrapbooking & Cards said...

Hi Jessica, Sorry for your lost. I sure do miss talking with ya on HIMCR but than again we both moved on now. =) Hope to see ya more on FB and blog world. Its awesome how kids can brighten our day right! My heart and prayers goes out to you all. And wow look at all the yummy treats a MIKES!!

Happy Mother's Day AJ-

Rhonda Miller said...

Sorry to hear about your great grandma.

Those look like some fun new goodies. You did better than I would have at not picking things up. Lol.

kate blue said...

sometimes crafting gets us through the tough and painful sorry for your loss....

kate blue said...

ps-I went to my Michaels yesterday and it did NOT look like this; maybe they are doing a rollout!

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