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Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Haul From Scrapbook Expo in PA! PICTURE HEAVY!

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Hey All!
Soooo I am BACK from my Expo!! I had a WONDERFUL TIME!! I did think at first it was not meant to be for me to go because of all the obstacles I ran into on Friday morning before I got there, but I truly believe I was meant to go! I did go by myself, but I made some AMAZING women and learned some things from them! I also had a FANTASTIC time volunteering! I worked with a woman name Lois for my first shift (her hubby was Jerry) and they are from Washington. I WISH I would of had a way to contact her cause we wanted to keep in touch! So, if anyone knows Lois from the Scrapbook Expo out of Washington, please send her my way!!
So, I wont go into the whole story, cause I tell the whole story on my video, which is below. I will, instead, just go into showing you all the pictures from the Expo itself!
This was the midnight Crop area. I worked in the VERY back where it says "TRY IT OUT". That was the tool area! If you paid for a ticket for in there, you could use ALL the tools for free! And they had A TON you could use!

This was Nicole Peterson booth. She had the whole selection of the new Heidi Swapp Color Pop line. BUT, she was rather expensive. Nice booth set up! She was the ONLY ONE that sold Unity Stamps there!

This booth was Rubber Red Neckers out of CA. They had an AMAZING booth! Everything was VERY organized! LOVED IT! They also were the only one set up to sell the CANDI. It was buy 4 get 1 package free. No need to tease me! 4 and 1 free please!

This was the Melissa Frances booth. You cant see the best parts of the booth set up cause people were hanging all around it. Their setup was very creative and they had one of the best deals!

Here is Scraputante! Her booth was AWESOME! She had a TON of paper! Paper that was American made, and paper made in Poland I believe! It was very cool! She was who I went to for my Color Pop paper! Go Kelly! Her booth was HOPPING all day!

This was the CREATE area. It was SO hard to get a seat to be able to do a make and take. This was the booth from the Scrapbook Expo people. Super cute make and takes. Bummed I couldn't do it!

Here was SCRAP THAT...See the women in the middle? They are all huddled around the paper buckets! The paper there was $.33 or if you bought 40, it was $.25 a sheet! Nothing in that booth was over $2.50 I believe! They had some great stuff!

Here was the guy with all the Washi Tape. He had a BUNCH to choose from! Wish I would of went to him first! Better Prices. be hit the own one of these!

This was Saturday morning's giveaway! Look! You could win a Scrap Box!!!
Here was my number I stood on for The Numbers Game...

And here is what I won!! WHOOP WHOOP!

Here's all my earnings for the day, minus the $50 I spent from the morning!

By Scrapbook Expo! Until next year!!!
So, I'm glad I warned you that this post would be pic heavy, cause guess what? Now here are the pictures of my haul items!
All layed out on my table!


My Washi Tapes!

Prima Wood Veneers!

Bags of random buttons and eyelets!

Double Sided Tape and Pop Dots

Both stamp sets that I purchased

Our Freebies from going to the Expo!
Items from Melissa Frances Booth!

Cool Freebie altered jewelry kits that I got FOR FREE for being the volunteer Teacher's Pet!

Items that go with the jewelry!

New Heidi Swapp Color Pop stuff!

My stack of 61 new sheets of paper to add to my collection!
Now, its time to look at all this awesomeness in my haul video! Enjoy!

Hope you all enjoyed my pictures and my video of the haul! I had a great time and cant wait for the next one!


Georgiana said...

Impressive! You got so many goodies! Fun! Fun! Fun! Time to Craft!!!! I can't wait until I go now! Two weeks!

Rhonda Miller said...

Looks like a lot of fun. You got some really great goodies.

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