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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Super Cute Double Sided Recipe Cards

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Hey All!

WOW! I wanted to post SO many days this week since I was off, but holy cow, things seem to come up ALL THE TIME! It all started this way on Easter! I had a bunch of stuff that I wanted to post pictures of from this weekend, and it just started quick where I was needed in multiple places at once! And, to top it all off that day, I got another Aura Migraine.

This things come on USUALLY from a sudden drop in pressure, or a quick change from a super high to super low, or a change in temp. This one came on for NO GOOD REASON! Well, I was the one cooking Easter Dinner, and lets just say it was a good thing that I was running early because I was down and out for a straight half hour. If I don't keep my eyes closed the whole time and pop at least 3 Advil as SOON as I know its coming on, I am done for the whole day. Thankfully I caught it as soon as I knew my vision was going "funny". The way it feels when it comes on is what you see when you look at the sun. All blurry and spots; that's how they start. Like I said, if I catch it RIGHT THEN with the pills and closed eyes I am good. And when an actually headache starts, that's when I know the Aura part of the Migraine is over. Headache I can tolerate, my vision getting distorted I cant.

Then, on Monday, I spent a good amount of time in my Craft Room, but it was spent fixing my Silhouette Studio software! It went all crazy after I did the download for the new version! So, we just decided to run to some stores to get some things we needed for this week. Tuesday was spent running around for my sons birthday party this week. We had one on Wednesday for our family, and we are having his "friend" party on Friday. A sleepover with 4 eight year olds...oh boy...pray for me! They are going to have me in a panic the whole time I bet!

On Wednesday morning before everyone came over, I managed to get the Recipe card made for my girlfriends Bridal Shower invite. Can I just say that it came at the PERFECT time in the Silhouette Store! It was a 2 sided recipe card. I have made 2 sided items before with a Lettering Delights file, so I was not worried about how to make it, but I saw a tutorial come across my Facebook feed from Silhouette Blog. You can find that tutorial HERE.

Here are what they look like! They are AWESOME!

I LOVE that they are double sided! I made 40 of them in NO time at all! I will be making some for me as soon as I have time to! LOL!

OK all, I have cards I have to make for Paper Crafts Magazine! I am DETERMINED to get into that magazine!!!

Hope to find you all Craftin' and Stampin'!


jessica said...

these are adorable Jessica!!

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