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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Projects I have been working on!

Hello Blog World!

SOOOOO sorry its been so long since I have posted. I have been VERY busy with our business, with working so many days at my full time job, and trying to keep up with my family! I will most certainly make it up to you now! Here are a few pictures of some of the things I have been working on:

Magic Reindeer Food! Used George and Basic Shapes to create the label and a stamp I found in the dollar bin at Michael's! The recipe for "Magic Reindeer Food" is Oatmeal, Marshmallows, Jimmies, and if you are SURE your child will NOT eat it, you can even add glitter. We were selling these at a craft show, and I did not feel comfortable putting the glitter in! 

Star Wreath! I cut out a 9 inch circle out of a cereal box on my Cricut, and I also cut out a BUNCH of stars from George and Basic Shapes. I cut them at 2.5 inches. I used my score board to score all angles in the star, which created some depth. I wrapped the ring in tulle, then added the stars! 

I made these cards from the new Scandinavian Christmas Cartridge! I used brown craft card stock and holiday themed patterned paper for the background of the card. I popped the Santa up on pop dots! 

Used Simply Scarecrow cartridge, mod podge, and a plain metal sign that I got from Michael's to make the Happy Fall sign!

Chore Chart! Used the Chore Chart lite cartridge and 12 X 12 canvas that I got on sale at Michael's to make this! I used Velcro on the back of each image so that you can rotate the chores weekly!
 Used Simply Scarecrow for the title of the picture, some pretty background paper, a pumpkin that I was able to cut in half, and a frame from the dollar store! Just hot glued the pumpkin on!

Used my gypsy and George and Basic Shapes cartridge to make up a box and I used Gypsy Wanderings to cut out the letters. I used double sided tape to adhere each letter box together to form 1 long decoration!

So, you see, I haven't been doing nothing, been VERY BUSY! I made a bunch of other items too, but I am already ahead of my little problem with remembering to post! I will have the other pictures all set up to post on their own over the next few days! I cant wait to show off the rest of the items I have done! In my next few posts, I will even show you more pictures and details as to how I created my future posts!!

Now, for a bit of a rant....I have been on hold with Provo Craft/Cricut Product Support for 2 VERY LONG HOURS. You see, I purchased the new Cricut Mini, which I thought I would LOVE after staying up ALL NIGHT LONG to watch the HSN debut. I finally got it last Wednesday, and I didnt have time to play with it until Saturday. I purchased a few of the digital cartridges which I could not WAIT to use! I hooked up the mini, created my items in the Cricut Craft Room, and I began to hit cut. Well, let me tell you; when it finished cutting and I pulled the mat back out, my image never cut through my cardstock. Now, I was NOT using the very thick cardstock (Stampin Up, Close to My Heart, etc) but using just plain old Michael's cardstock. The cut never made it through to the back of my image! Its a BRAND NEW BLADE and a BRAND NEW MACHINE! So, like any other crafter, I tried other cardstock. This time I used Echo Park paper that I had. Once again, DID NOT CUT THROUGH THE CARDSTOCK! So whats the next thing I do? I play with all the settings. I changed it to a medium cut speed, with a multi cut of 2. Do you think that worked????? NOPE! So, my next step was to change to another blade...this time I used a deep cut blade. Do you think that actually worked???????? NO WAY!!!!! So, I decide to call Provo Craft. And now, needless to say, I have been on hold almost 2 and a half hours now, wasted COUNTLESS sheets of cardstock (which we ALL know is not cheap) and a deep cut blade.

Thats enough of my for listening!

So check back in tomorrow and I will let you know what my outcome with Cricut is! Also, check back for some more projects!!!!


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