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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What?? 2 posts in one day??? Nah, acutally a Cricut Mini Follow up from last post!

So, I just got off the phone with Cricut Support. After a VERY long hold time, I got the NICEST and MOST PATIENT girl on the phone. She listened to me rant for about 10 minutes then asked me a few questions. After she asked a few questions and had me test out the things that I already did, she asked if I adjusted the pressure. Did I adjust the pressure???? NOPE! Didn't see where the pressure lever was in the instruction book, and I totally forgot about it!!! After I adjusted the pressure, my little Cricut Mini worked like a CHARM!!! Here is a quick picture of where you can find AND ADJUST the pressure of your mini:

That little lever will help you create your masterpieces on your mini!!! Sure wish I would have done that BEFORE I wasted a whole pack of paper!! lol! BUT, I must say, the reason why I LOVE Cricut is because of this: After my rant, and after we got my machine fixed, the kind girl tells me that because of my troubles, she is going to credit my Cricut account $20 for all my problems! How awesome is that??????


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