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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jamaica Smash Book-Sneak Peek 1!

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Hey All!!

So, as you know, I have been so excited to SMASH lately! I have been grabbing some SMASH books for different things to SMASH and I am going to give you all a little sneaky peek of my Jamaica Smash Book!!

If you all are not aware, I got to go to Jamaica for 4 days thanks to my employer! Only the "Best of the Best" were picked to go, and I was lucky enough to be one of the best of the best! I not only got to go for FREE for 4 days, but I got to take my hubby as well!! How awesome is that??

Well, my Jamaica trip was something I REALLY wanted to document! So, out came my first SMASH book! I am SOOOO enjoying myself! I find myself thinking ALL the time of how the next page is going to look, seem, what colors to use, my journaling, etc!

Today, I wanted to share a few pages with you! Here they are:

This first page has the letter that said that I made the trip and that my hubby was coming!

This page shows what I had to do in order to get enough points to make the trip! On the left hand side page, I put the rankings and I showed where I ranked 6th out of my company!

This page is all our flight information and our tickets from the airport! It also has a story of how I spilled my freshly purchased coffee all over my co-workers wife! I was SOOO embarrassed!!!

This page shows the Welcome Kit from Secrets! It also has a letter from our Director of Sales at my company thanking us for our hard work and letting us know they have a bottle of Champagne for us to have in our room!
This is only a sneak peak! Check back in tomorrow to see a few more pages that I have completed!! I will also have a haul video with the stuff I got from K&Company!! Whoo Hoo! More SMASH-ING goodness to be shown!!!
OK all, hope to catch you Craftin' and Stampin'! 


angie ashuk said...

Very cool. I made the mistake of doing a 12x12 book for my Jamaica trip 2 years ago, but for the cruise we took in Jan, I'm doing a Smash book:) Congrats on being 6th in your company and the free trip!!!

Sherrie K. said...

Oh wow how exciting! That sounds like a wonderful trip:)
I can't wait to see all your pages:)
Sherrie K

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