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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Exciting News! I'm a Close To My Heart Consultant again!!

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Hey All!!
I am SUPER excited to tell you all that I am officially a Close To My Heart consultant again! I know, I know...I said the same thing about doing Stampin' Up again, but this is different! I just had so much more about Close To My Heart that I liked (like being about to use my Cricut and the prices, and the twice a year catalog) that I had to come back! I actually have one of my followers, BJ, to thank! So, thanks BJ for convincing me that I need to be a consultant again!!
So, did you check out the Fall catalog yet?? Did you know that now not only do the sell the awesome Stamps, Ink, Stamp of the Months, and Workshop on the Go's, but the now sell make your own Jewelry and My Crush Books (Close To My Heart's version of a Smash Book)???? HOW AWESOME!!!
So, I am officially in my 30 day start and I need all of my followers help!!
But, how can I help you may ask??? Here's how:
1. Help me by purchasing from my online store!!! Everyone that spends $30-$49.99 in August gests the Stamp of The Month on me as a Thank You for ordering!!! Click the picture below to get there:
2. Help spread my store around to your friends! I reward referrals!!! For every person you get to purchase from me, please email me because every quarter I will have a giveaway of 2 stamps of your choosing from who has the most referrals!! Please just email me at
3. Considering joining as a consultant (if only to get yourself a 22%..thats right..22% discount) under me! The first person who signs up UNDER ME will get the Artbooking Cartridge for 40% off! That makes the Cricut Cartridge AND Stamps AND Embellishments come to $60 plus shipping! You cant even purchase a cartridge in AC Moore, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby that cheap with all the extras!!! Here's a picture of what this whole package looks like in case that wasn't enough convincing:
Now tell me that isn't AWESOMENESS right there??? All the stamps coordinate with the cartridge!!
Now, here's some new reasons you would LOVE to order from Close To My Heart:
1. Please see number 3 above!
2. Crushing (My Crush)...need I say more?? Like I said, its Close To My Heart's version of Smashing!!

My Crush Modville
My Crush Bluebird
3. New Design Décor!!! This is BY FAR one of my favorites!!! This has some party themes written ALL over it!!!

So, do you think that will help to persuade you??? I can ask for some help from my bloggy friends and followers???
Be sure to check out my online store for access to the online catalog!!! You can shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of your home!!! No leaving the house!!
OK all, gotta make some room for my new kit!
Hope to catch you all Craftin' and Stampin'!


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