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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The NEWEST addition to my craft room :) And future addition to be deliever next week!

Well, I finally got another addition to my craft room...A Singer Pixie Plus Sewing Machine! And best of all, its purple and white AND its tiny enough to store in my little bit of supply area that I have left!! Yea!!! I did originally get a White Sew E-Z Sewing Machine from Joanne's the other night, but that thing was a PIECE OF JUNK! I took it back tonight, and spent the few extra dollars on the Pixie Plus! I have already experimented with it, and I think I know enough about it to incorporate it into a project! I can't wait!!!! Here's some pictures of my new little bundle of joy! lol!

I also got a used Zutter Dreamkuts off of Ebay! I think I got a good price on it!! Cant wait for it to come!!! Now, I only need my Bind It All, Silhouette Cameo (gotta wait til fall for it!!), Cricut Mini, and Cricut Expression 2 and I will have my crafting electronics done!!

Ok all, time for nighty night with my bub! He leaves for the Jersey Shore tomorrow with my in-laws! Waaaaa! I'm gonna miss him SOOOO much! Expect TONS of projects next week! It takes my mind off missing him ;)


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