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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Whoooo Hooooooo! Starting the day off right ;)

Hey All!!

I just stopped in real quick to share some EXCITING NEWS before work today....So, I checked in on Facebook and Do It Yourself Crafts blog because I entered to Win a CE2. Well, I entered to win a subscription to Cricut Magazine the other day too, and of coarse didnt expect to win ANYTHING, and before you get all excited, I didnt win a CE2, but I did win a FREE 6 month subscription to Cricut Magazine!! I NEVER WIN ANYTHING (<----- screaming this in my house)!!! THAT MADE MY DAY!!! Especially after the week I had!!!! I was so excited, I called the hubby at work, BUT his phone isnt on, so I thought, who else would enjoy my excited with me...MY BLOGGIE FRIENDS!!! So, I just wanted to share with you guys, my friends :)

Ok all, I have a Stone Temple Pilots concert with the hubby tonight, so I will be posting sometime tomorrow!!!


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