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Monday, December 12, 2011

Ohhhhh, Santa came EARLY this year :)

Yahoooooooo!!! My EARLY Christmas Present FINALLY came this past Friday! I really wanted to post about it Friday, but I had my work Holiday Party, as well as my partners last day of work before she delivers her newborn angel next Thursday! And then I REALLY wanted to play with it and post about it on Saturday night, but forgot we had dinner reservations with hubby's friends from work! I REALLY wanted to play with it then, but was WAY to tired to play with it when we got home! Then, as you all saw yesterday, we had Cookie Day with my family on Sunday, so I STILL didn't get to play with it! BUT, what exactly is "IT" you ask?? I think a picture with speak a 1000 words!!!!

Yup, you see it???? Its a SILHOUETTE CAMEO!!!! I have been waiting FOREVER for it!!!! I decided I would put it on Layaway from Oh My Crafts and it was 3 payments of $90....what a DEAL! I knew I didn't have the money for it all up front, by I knew I could do 3 monthly payments for it!!! I just wish that I could have some time to play with it already!!! At least I downloaded the Sure Cuts A Lot 3 onto my computer, so I will be ready! I have been checking out some of the cuts that I can purchase for roughly $6.99 a set (GREAT PRICE) and I think my first download is going to be the 3D Letters file! I cant wait to do it!!!!

 I am going to tape myself opening the box (hence why I put a regular picture up, and not one of mine pics, lol!) and put it on You Tube at some point this week! It's gonna be SOOOO MUCH FUN to play with!!!

Til tomorrow!!


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