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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What have I been busy doing??? Well, I'll show you!

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Hey All!!!

I feel like it has been FOREVER since I have posted a "post" just because! I have had SO MANY projects due over the past 2 weeks due and I have also been in 2 blog hops! WOW! Can you say EXHAUSTED??? LOL! BUT, I would NOT change that for the world! I am LOVING every single minute of crafty goodness!!!

I am also so thankful for my followers! I have picked up about 40 of you over the last week, so WELCOME! Hope you can find some inspiration from my blog, or one of my blog friends!!!

So, I asked the question...What have I been up to? Well, I answered part of it above, and here is the rest of the answer! BABY SHOWER MADNESS!!!! My adorable sister in law, Kristen, is due in 2 months!!! Here shower is this weekend and I am FINALLY going to be able to talk to her again! lol! I am the WORST with surprises! I have BANNED myself from talking to her because I just KNEW I would give it away! Well, since the shower is this Sunday, I can FINALLY talk to her again!!! WOO HOO!!!!

Wanna see some things me and my other sister in law, Colleen (my event planning business partner!) have created for her???? I am going to start off with showing you the things I already posted about; The Invite and The Favors!

Here is the invite! The Baby's Theme is Jungle Jubilee! They have decided to be surprised at what they are having!! Boy, that HAS to be tough!  
 Here is the favors to go with the invite! On the back of the favors we have: "We're not LION, thanks for coming to Kristen's Shower"; "Thanks for MONKEYING around with us at Kristen's Shower"; "Hope you had TONS of fun at Kristen's Shower"; "So LONG, farewell, thanks for coming to Kristen's Shower"

Here is a picture of the invite and the favors! Don't they look TOO cute together???

Now, on to the new things that we finished up this weekend! Hope you enjoy them all! It took ALL DAY on Sunday!!!

 Banner for the new baby! Like the colors? Since we don't know the sex!
 Mom to Be Badge that I made for my sister in law to wear at her shower! I used Glossy Accents, My Big Shot, and My Cricut to make!
These are the blocks that we made to sit next to her as she is opening her gifts. Keep in mind, these stand about 3 1/2 feet tall! They were just a bit time consuming to make!

The next set of pictures are the centerpieces for the tables that we made for the restaurant! The four frames are going to go home with her so she can hang in the babies room!

The Cute Elephant Frame! Don't you just LOVE his little peanut friend??? 

The Giraffe Frame! The Favorite!!!

 Cute Lion Frame! Don't you just love the Sun with its Peachy Keen Face??
 Super Cute Monkey Frame! He's swinging on by with a banana to say "Hi"!

 Baby Carriage Centerpieces! Made from the Baby Shower Events Cricut Cartridge! We made them in green, blue, pink, and yellow!
Diaper Cake Pinwheel Centerpieces! We also made these in pink, blue, green, and yellow!

So, now you see where all my time has been spent! I also found out that you CAN submit to Cricut Magazine if you have posted, you just have to delete the post and pictures if they pick your creation!! Needless to say, I have sent in ALL the above items for their consideration! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

OK all, I hope to find you all Craftin' and Stampin'! 


jessica said...

WOW~~~ You have been busy but all worth it! These projects are so over the top adorable!!! love the little buggies!

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Thank You! for sharing this very cute stuff with us!

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HeatherLynn said...

Wowza!!! you have done a great job!! sooo super all of it!! your sis in law is lucky to have you around. :) said...

Super cute projects!

glowegal said...

Oh my goodness, how cute!!! You put a lot of work into all your beautiful creations!!! Yay BFF!!! She does the best parties!!!!! <3

Kim said...

You've been a busy girl!! Love all your projects:)

Pink Cricut said...

Wow! You did a fantastic job! Love it all!

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