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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wish I could share some AWESOME projects!!!

Hey All!!!
I am the WORST at keeping a surprise..I mean it, I really am...I have to avoid people for extended periods of time just so I don't tell them whatever surprise they have coming to them! Like for instance, my cute little prego sister in law came over last night, and it took my other sister in law to tell me DO NOT SHOW HER THE SHOWER INVITE OR DECORATIONS and darn near send me out of the room, because she knew I would have! I just cant wait to see the look on her face when she sees all the great stuff I have created for her!

AND in addition to the baby shower surprise, I made about 10 cards that I submitted to Cricut Magazine and Paper Crafts Magazine for submissions, and I CANNOT SHOW THEM!! AHHHHHHH! Its SO hard to not show off what you are SO excited to show! Especially since it looks as though I haven't created anything in about a week...NOT THE CASE!!!

So, with that being said, HOW DO YOU KEEP A SURPRISE??? I am very curious! What can I do to hide my excitement and just RELAX? What do you all do to make the time go quicker??? Leave me a comment telling me what you do! I could use all the help I can get!!!!

That is what I will leave you with while I go to work today! After work, it is MORE CREATING!!!!

OH and I almost forgot!!! I need to show some love to my BFF Kellie Ettore!! Congrats on your engagement "little sis"! I cant wait to make fun stuff for you next!! Love you and Scott both!!!

Til this afternoon, hope to find you all Craftin' and Stampin'!


patchworkhen said...

Create some awesome projects especially for sharing!

blessings, patchworkhen

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Ahaha! That is funny! I can hold a secret for years! I just don't think about it! However my Mom can not hold a secret I just look at her and she spills the beans! Can't wait to see what you have been working on!

Unknown said...

@Patchwork hen, your absolutely right! I will post something tomorrow for sure :)

@Carrie, hahaha! Your mom and I would really get along!!! I'm the same way!!! That's why I stay away from people that I need to keep a secret from!!! Lol!!

glowegal said...

Sooo stink'n funny! I have the same problems! I always always want to spill the beans when giving a gift or when I know something awesome is going to happen to someone. I'm the worst! lol I too feel like I've been slacking on my blogging because I can't share what I've made this past week for new DT work! *hint hint* we're new on the same team. ;) Love your blog and look forward to finally seeing your new work!!

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