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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Flying By To Say Happy Valentines Day-Angry Birds Style!

Hi All!!

How was everyone's Valentine's Day??? Mine was FANTASTIC!!! I made an awesome dinner for my hubby (baked chicken, sweet potatoes, corn, and home made garlic bread... YUMMMMYYY!) and I made my little dudes FAVORITE dinner, Mac and Cheese... Phineas and Ferb Mac and Cheese to be exact!!! Everyone REALLY enjoyed dinner! Then hubby broke our no buying for each other rule and pulled out a gift for me. Guess what it was??? Give up?? Well, it was the pair of Uggs that I wanted for about a year now!!!

I was SOOOO excited!!! I did feel really bad that I didn't get him one now :( That's ok though... His birthday is the 28th and I decided that his present is gonna be an I Phone!!! He does not see that coming at all!!!

Now, its time for a project!!!

This card is the card I made for my Little Guy for Valentine's Day! He is SUCH a huge Angry Birds fan, I just KNEW I had to make an Angry Bird card for him!! So, it was time to pull out the Gypsy! And of coarse my trusty George and Basic Shapes! I did also use B is for Boy!

 I kind of manipulated the shapes to my liking! I did save this cut file, and once again, if anyone knows how to share a cut file, let me know and I'll GLADLY share my file for your use! So, without further ado, here is my Angry Bird card:

Hope you all like my Little Dude's card!! And I also hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!!

Hope to find you all Craftin' and Stampin'!


Anonymous said...

I don't know how to share a cut file on the blog, but is it possible for you to email it to me? PLEASE? My boy thought it was awesome and when I tried to click off the picture, he started yelling, "Nooooo! Print it!" I told him you made it on the cricut and now he wants me to make it. So if you could email it to me and make my little boy's day, that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

msmashawn at aol dot com

PipPipHooray said...

My boy's an AB fan too which prompted me to write this angry birds page filled with lots of goodies... thought I'd post here for you too.

Pip :)

Blue6366 said...

I'm not all that tech savvy with the sharing either. But what I did to share my cut files was to upload them to Windows live, make them public and then added a link to the folder on my blog. I know there are other file sharing sites you can use like mediafire as well.

Unknown said...

Mashawn, you should of gotten link email to you! I hope it worked for you!!

Pip! I just checked out your site!!! How do I follow for your updates??? Lots of cool stuff!!! I WISH I could work from home doing my crafts!!! I would ADORE it!!!

Blue6366, I figured out how to get the file on BOX. If you would like it, please leave me your email address, become a follower ofime, and follow Facebook for Craftin' and Stampin', and I'll email you the invite to use my files!!!

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