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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Got the Angry Birds Cut File!

Hey All!

Gotta keep this post quick! Its bedtime for my little guy, and I wanted to have a whole post ready to go, however, this Angry Birds cut file took up A LOT of my time! Anyway, if you are interested in the file, please, become a followerLIKE me on Face book (link for Craftin' and Stampin' Face book page is on the top left of my blog) and just leave me a comment with your email address. I will send you the email invite so you can view and use my cut file on BOX.


Red Angry Bird File

OK, gotta run...Hope to catch you all Craftin' and Stampin'!


cheribug said...

hello your angry bird is so cute i would love the file

The Creative Mommy said...

Hi Cheri!!

I just emailed you request to view from BIX! I hope your able to open it!!! Please let me know!

patchworkhen said...

I would like the angry birds file. I will have a lot of fun with it!

blessings, patchworkhen at g mail dot com

LadybugCarrie said...

Would love the file! Thanks in advance! :-)
carrie dot slaughter at gmail dot com

mockoo12 said...

My daughter absolutely loves the Angry Birds. It would be awesome to have the file. I don't have b is for boy though so will I still be able to use it some how? Thanks for your time. Debbie (

The Creative Mommy said...

Hi Debbie!

If you friend me on Facebook, you can message me what cartridges you do have and I will try my best to make a body out of one of your cartridges :D

Hope that works for you!


Tina said...

Liker and follower. :)
I would love this file! We are planning on Angry Birds as the theme to our daughter's 6th birthday party. This would come in super handy!!

Jeannie B said...

Love your Angry Birds card. My grandkids are crazy about anything Angry Birds and a couple of them have birthdays coming up. The card would be perfect. Thanks for being willing to share!

Totally Purple said...

Love your angry bird card. I like playing that game! Thanks for sharing your cut file.


edwardsyorkies said...

Been looking all night for AB cut files for my Silhouette, my son is crazy for them and I can't bring myself to buy him a shirt when I could make one! edwardsyorkies at bellsouth dot net. Thanks!

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