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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Hi All!

Happy Sunday! Sunday, as you all know, is typically my FAVORITE day of the week because its technically my Saturday (I work every Saturday) and its my CRAFT day!!! But, this week I have to work, so its not a craft day for me! Well, not until tonight that is!

This week ended on an awesome note for business for JCC because we picked up ANOTHER new bride last night! I am VERY excited to be helping her with planning her wedding, and we really don't have much time! There is LOTS to be done before her wedding on 6/6!

Speaking of wedding, my BFF Kellie and I are going to the Bridal Show after work today in Cherry Hill since Kel is getting married next year! She has high hopes of winning a dress today, lol! I will keep my fingers crossed that she does!

Also have to get finished on my sister in law's shower decorations! We sent out her invites last week and people have already started calling about getting them! THAT WAS FAST!!! Still have to finish centerpieces for each table, the banner, and her BABY clocks that I want next to her! We do have the favors done already though which is great!

Booger has been sick lately so we will just keep him in today. He wants to go on a play date tomorrow, but it will all depend on how he feels! He doesn't wanna hang out with mommy and daddy when he has a little friend around, lol! I didn't think we would be "uncool" just yet, lol!

OK, so I filled you in enough about whats going on in my world, now, how about I show you a project I am working on??? Its a POLY MESH WREATH for St. Patty's Day!

I started it yesterday, and I need to make my filler for it. I'm thinking I will be putting something on a sing that I will make out of my husbands Coca Cola case bottom, lol! Perfect for signs when you cut it in your Cricut! Just remember to use a deep cut blade!

Don't mind the background of the picture....I did it on my lunch break at work yesterday, he he!

The flags and Shamrocks are both from Dollar Tree! The Poly Mesh is from that company that I found about a month ago. I did a video on that haul!

OK guys, its off to work I go! I hope you have a great weekend!

Hope to find you all Craftin' and Stampin'!


cynthia said...

Cute little wreath !! and i cant wait to see ur sister in laws shower decorations im pregnant and would love to see what u come up with :D

The Creative Mommy said...

Congrats Cynthia!!! Message me on Facebook and I'll send you pics of the invites and decorations! I don't want her to see on here in case she is checking out my blog, lol!!!

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